5 Essentials During Rains

If you are worried about how the monsoon is going to spoil your style from head-to-toe — from frizzy hair to finishing off your shop. Cleverly shop and style your everyday style.

Raincoats and Umbrellas: The most important accessories during the rains are your umbrellas and raincoats. Buy printed raincoats and umbrellas for a chic look and keep yourself dry.

Clothes: If you want to wear stylish clothes then opt for short, rolled-up denim, three-fourth pants. Pair it along with sleeveless tee, printed shirts, dark-hued tops and look glamourous.

Shoes: The life savers are a good pair of shoes. Say goodbye to those stilettoes and leather boots and say hello to a pair of good grip sandals, rubber boots. These will not let you fall or slip in the rain.

Bags: Go for messenger bags made of patent leather and in dark hues. They will keep your necessary items safe from the constant pouring.

Jewellery: Make plastic jewellery and waterproof watch your new best friend. Wear anchor bracelets along with beaded statement necklace for a stylish look.


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