The Misfit

A brick named Boo stood amongst his other brick friends on a concrete wall. Was he laughing or crying? What was the reason for his loneliness? He was known as the Misfit. Why a Misfit, thought Boo did he have four legs? Or 3 eyes? No, he was the same the other bricks still he was teased, he wondered why?

He went to his mother asked her the same question. He expected that his mother wouldn’t know the answer to his question, but to his surprise, she gave him an answer. She said,” You’re the most special brick and very soon you’ll know why.”

All his friends slowly went against him. They didn’t talk to him instead they started bullying him. They started hitting him, shifting him, breaking from the sides so that he falls down. They succeeded in it and he fell down. All the bricks started to cheer, hoot and dance.

Boo was very upset. He went near the other bricks who were thrown down. He looked up crying, he could see his mother and friends standing above him. Suddenly someone fell, who was it wondered Boo. He down and saw his mother. As he was about to reach his mother another brick fell on him. She was shattered in pieces. He couldn’t believe that his mother was gone. His little eyes had big tears.

He started to shout and he started to hit the wall with his hands and feet. Eventually, he got tired and slept near his mother. The next day he challenged his friends that they won’t be able to stand still without him. Everyone started to laugh. They were laughing soo hard that they didn’t realise that they were leaning. Then Boo quickly ran up and filled the space. The wall was standing erect like always. Everyone cheered for Boo. The only thing Boo said was:

“Don’t judge someone because of their caste, judge them by their strength.”


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