A dream where I walking, walking down the fantasy lane, I saw trees all around me, some so tall that they covered the sunlight. Some trees were having blue-berries. Pushing through the darkness, still had to cross a mile. They looked spectacular. As soon as, I saw them, I felt an emptiness in my stomach. I tried to pluck a few of them. As I touched them, something really strange happened.

The tree started to talk, In anger it said ” DON’T PLUCK MY CHILD, UNTIL YOU’VE ASKED FOR PERMISSION.“I got scared & startled at the same moment. I understood his feelings, I asked him if I could eat some blue-berries.

He said “YES!” As I went forward to touch to the branches, the tree trunk opened like a door. In it was the land of magic. I went inside. Mesmerising fairies all around, little wings with magic wands in their little hands.  I took out my phone to click a photo, to my surprise my phone was not working.

“The phones don’t work here.

” Said one little fairy. ”
My name is Giselle,

who are you?” she added

I told her my name. She looked at me as if I had done something wrong.
She nodded her head, picked up her wand & moved it around me.  She transformed my outfit into a beautiful Pink dress with sparkles & mirrors all around.
It glowed like a diamond.

I was looking at my gown and my eyes saw a blue berry on the gown, I felt an emptiness in my stomach. I told Giselle that I was hungry. She got me a blue berry juice and pie to eat.
She then took me for a tour of the land. It had hanging houses. There was a castle. Giselle told me that the castle has diamonds hanging which kept the land enlightened and didn’t let the darkness affect the magical land.
The land was known as THE LAND OF BLUEBERRIES. The whole land was full of colors, colors we hadn’t even heard or seen. The land had its own beauty with everyone being happy, there was no sign of sadness, anger, jealousy. Everyone helped each other without any grin. Suddenly a ball came and hit my head, I think I had fainted and when I got up I found myself sitting on the bench of my college. It was a dream I sighed!

Was it really a dream? I had the taste of the blueberry in my mouth. I opened my hand and found a broken piece of the crown which had broken when the ball had hit me.

It wasn’t a dream,

It wasn’t a fantasy,

It was reality,

It was a belief,

Belief in my fairytale,

In my dream



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