Jaipur: the city of culture!!!!

Jaipur, a place of different culture, architecture, history and heritage. This time the experience was different from the earlier trips I had made to the Pink City. I saw the city from a designers eye. I understood every reason behind the type of design was made for the architecture and clothes. I got the opportunity to visit Sanganer, an industrial village which caters to block printing. The experience in Sanganer was magnificent as I saw the workers doing block printing. They made us understood the reason behind each step. Each of these steps made me realise that the small things that these workers don’t ignore makes the sample look even more beautiful I discovered how screen printing is done, the speed of the workers left me astonished. The others places I visited in Jaipur were the City Palace, Amber Fort, Albert Museum and Anokhi Museum. I feel grateful that I visited this place with my friends with a different motive in my mind, the motive which I could achieve in my trip.


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  1. Racchna says:

    Nice one… Keep it up..


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