Sanganer a town founded by a Kacchawala prince Sangaji in the early 16 century. By the beginning of 18th century the town was know as the printing centre. Sir George Watt wrote un his monumental work Indian art at Delhi in 1902-03; “The Sanganer town of Jaipur state must, however, be regarded as the very metropolis of the Calico-printing craft of India so far as art conceptions and techniques are concerned.”

In Sanger, just 10 mils away from South of Jaipur, the art of hand block printing and design is found. It has blossomed into one of India’s busiest artisan centres. The block printing is usually done by Hindu Chippa families while most of the Muslim families make handmade paper. The Sanganer block printing has been renowned in the industry since the span of 250 years and more.


The block makers are among the most innovative and creative of the royal craftmen. They understood how to produce texture on cloth and how to enhance the richness of the base cotton fabric.


The genius of their print designs lay in their understanding of patterning fabric surfaces and the use of space. The traditional Jaipur boti, usually a floral or animal motif, was carved on to a small square wooden block. The carved block was pressed on to a piece of padded fabric dipped into vegetable dye and the motif was then printed on to the cloth carefully measuring the intervals.

The process of transferring the design on to the cloth also requires skills. A piece of fabric is spread over a low bench which is covered with a thich pad made of several layers of heavy cloth.


Gold and silver effects were also introduced. In the older pieces one can see floral petal works with gold and silver wires. As far as aesthetic imagination and technique is concerned Sanganer can be considered as ‘THE CAPITAL OF ART OF TEXTILE PRINTING IN INDIA’. This is still true today.


Sanganer has earned a name not only in Rajasthan but also in Europe, America and Japan.


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