Srinagar : The Land of Beauty

Life is a circle of memories.

A journey that does not know

The beginning nor the end.

Memories are the ones that stay,

Rather unlike the moments that pass.

 In the summer of 2010, my family and I landed in Srinagar for a vacation. Straying away from the mundane, we stayed in a house boat on Dal lake. The thing that appealed to me the most about the house boat was the intricacy of the interiors, especially the Mughal Carvings. Keeping at par with its name, it was indeed a Royal Houseboat, they received us with Garlands and thalis. It was an experience to be remembered.

The first on the itinerary was Pahalgam, but what we witnessed was uncalled for. Burnt tires and men with swords, it might have been just another day for Srinagar; but for us it was an eye opener; on how beautiful our lives were. In those few moments, we lived our lives once again.

Next on the list was Gulmarg, mountain peaks covered in snow. Skiing through the snow with the wind in our faces and adrenalin pumping through our veins, it was an experience to look back upon.

Despite the trip being short, we took back a bag full of unforgetful memories. Kashmir indeed is heaven on Earth.

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  1. Racchna says:

    Lovely…!! You took me back into that time… It was an experience.. 😍

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