Kochi – Gateway of Kerela

In the month of December, I visited the ‘Gateway of Kerela’, Kochi. Kochi being the vibrant city, is the prosperous state of Kerela, hailed as the ‘God’s own Country’. It is a small town with stories that have left indelible marks on the history. It is also the mixture of cultures due to its various links with countries for the trade of spices. Kochi is stated to be the starting point for exploring the unfathomable diversity and beauty of Kerala.

I stayed with my mama, his small cottage was built at the backwaters. The chilly breeze and the sound of birds leaves a soothing and peaceful feel. I visited the fort Kochi beach, st. Francis church sat in a houseboat.

the fort Kochi beach was a beautiful experience. unlike the fort in Delhi, it was clean and well maintained. right after visiting the fort, I went to see the coffee plantation. I was amazed to see the variety of coffee present there. spices of all kinds and their breath-taking fragrance made my day.

My main purpose to visit Kochi was to attend the ‘cochin carnival’. it is the biggest attraction of the year. it is from 20th December- 1st January every year.

it had bike racing, music and dance concerts, beach parties and many other things. every day was celebrated as the last day of the year. on the 30th of December, the big portrait of Santana Claus was carried in the parade and taken to the beach, at the stroke of midnight the portrait was burned along with firecrackers. this was to mark a new year, a new phase in life. it was followed by a grand celebration for new years. on 1st January, the last day of the carnival, a farewell parade took place.


it was an exciting and soothing vacation at the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’.


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