My feelings for Krsna

hare Krishna hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna

hare hare

it is said that not all can become a follower of Krishna, it is he who chooses his followers. I feel that he has chosen me as one of his own. it is not easy in any way to achieve krsna or even understand anything about him in this age but yet with the grace of great spiritual masters, this process has been made the easiest way to go back to the supreme….
We must always try to engage in activities, revolving around Krsna.

The beginning of my journey with Krishna was a strange and random one. From knowing nothing about him, i constantly started dreaming of him being by my side. When I got my first Krishnamurti I worshiped it, took care of it as it was my only love. Visiting a Krishna temple made my heart beat faster, the tunes of the maha-mantra mad my feet tap. I surrendered myself to HIM the day I stepped into ISKCON temple. The feeling was transcendental and divine. I felt strong from within and magnetically drawn towards him, which opened a portal to a whole new world. A problem-free world; a world, which promotes peace, love, respect, power, honest and eternal happiness. 

To me, Krishna resided in everything; the trees, the fragrance of flowers, a crying or a naughty child, a romantic relationship, everything!

Like he stated: “I’m in water, I’m in the air, I’m in your heart, I’m in you, I’m in them.” I breathe him, I love him, I am in Krishna. I can devote my life to the mesmerizing, singing and dance GOD. I often hear the sound of his bansuri in my ears. A feeling of him trying to pacify me, telling me that he is always by my side.

Krsna: the God who stole butter when he was young, the God who protected a whole village from drowning, the God who protected a woman’s dignity, the God who stood by the dharma and not adharma, the God who made one family fight in order to make them understand the value of good and bad, the God who sang the holy book, Bhagavad Gita. Krsna has 108 names some likely to be Murli Dhar, Govinda, man Mohana, Bihari, Gopala, etc. He is the only Avatar of Vishnu with a bansuri and not a weapon. A symbol of calm nature, self-control, differentiating right from wrong.

It is believed that he came to this earth to teach the people that the power to differentiate between good or bad defines a human being.  Krishna is speaking the Gita through our higher consciousness or ‘Vivek’! The inner voice is your very own personalized Gita guidance. He is within each soul He created. Krishna did not stop speaking at Kurukshetra, he continues to live in our hearts.

hare Krishna hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna

hare hare

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  1. orangeorchards says:

    Hare Krishna!
    Beautiful picture and writing…May you continue to enjoy the ecstasy of Krishna consciousness 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. suvasanaa says:

      orangeorchards Thank you!!


      1. orangeorchards says:

        Welcome 😃


  2. Very graceful….you may enjoy some beautiful sketches and paintings of Radha Krishna in my Artsite…..Hare Krishna!!!!


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