In the outskirts of Agra, a huge army had settled. tents were built, some huge, some small. the huge ones were in different colours mostly red and green, with beautiful embroideries. the smaller tents were white and olive-green in colour. there are flags at a distance  of 5 km of the other.

The flag was of green colour with a yellow lion roaring and a red colour sun at the black of the lion. as I further observed the only thing I could understand was that they were preparing for the war. all the men were sharpening their tools with stone. they were washing their uniforms for the war. they wore many layers of clothes then lastly a shield, they took their weapons their hands and got ready for the fight. they stood in lines of thousands; some on legs, some on horses.

A horse came in from d back decorated with embroidered. the horse came in front galloping and stood in the front.. he was the king!! he ordered the force to fight. The people started running with a roar and anger on their face. they started using their swords. The swords made a shrieking noise when it came in contact with the other sword. Some swords defended a person and some killed. After a period of time, the war stopped the army had won the battle there were people lying dead of both the stated.

Blood was all over the sandy area as if it was romancing with the sand. hands, eyes, legs, arms of the dead people were kept cut off in the pool of blood. A little further I saw a huge built man standing in pride that the won the war. He was ‘ASHOKA THE GREAT’, a man who had no heart.


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